190 Mid Rivers Center
St. Peters, MO 63376



1.  The minimum length of this contract is three (3) months. Payments can be made month-to-month but we require at least a 3 month commitment. We require 30 days notice if you choose not to renew your contract. Automatic contract renewal is available.

2.  The first month’s rent is due at the time of signing the contract agreement. The rent is  $2.25 per square foot (per month) for booths and $65.00  per month for regular sized upright display cases. Other types of display areas and/or cases will be priced Individually. Higher profile location areas may be priced differently.
2a.  We offer each vendor the opportunity to check their account sales online. That way, you will have access to your sales figures 24/7. Each account will be password protected. Ask for details. The monthly fee for this service is: $1.75.

3.  We charge a 10% commission on your sales to offset credit card fees, sales taxes and advertising. No items are to be sold directly to any customer by any vendor on Mall premises.  All sales MUST go through Time Machine Antique Mall. Any vendor found to making ‘side-deals’ and effectively cheating Time Machine Antique Mall out of the sale(s) will be asked to leave and will forfeit any and all monies due to them by Time    Machine Antique Mall.

4. We collect and remit sales tax for the vendors.

5. Vendor sales are totaled each month. Rent will be deducted from your sales account automatically at/about the end of each month. Any monies over amount(s) due will be issued  in the form of a business check. Payment checks should be ready starting on the 10th day of the following month (barring printer and/or computer problems).  Vendors must pick up their checks in person.  Only the person(s) whose name is on the rental agreement may pick up the checks.

6.  Rents are due and payable on the last day of the month. A late charge of $20 will be imposed on all rents not received by the tenth (10th) day of the month. Time Machine Antique Mall reserves the right to deduct the late fee from the vendor's next month payout if the late charge is not paid with the late rent payment.  In case of vendor default, merchandise sales from the vendor's booth(s) and/or case(s) will continue to accrue until sufficient sums to cover unpaid rents and fees is reached and shall be retained by Time Machine Antique Mall.  When back rent and/or fees is owed to Time Machine Antique Mall, the vendor is not allowed to remove any of their merchandise or fixtures from the premises until all rents and fees are paid in full.
After forty five (45) consecutive days of non-payment of rents by the vendor, Time Machine Antique Mall will consider all of the vendor’s merchandise and fixtures to be abandoned and will dispose of it as they please with no payment or compensation whatsoever to the vendor. 
Either party may terminate the contract agreement by providing the other with 30 days prior written notice of intent to terminate.  Time Machine Antique Mall reserves the right to end this contract immediately on demand or not renew it at their own discretion or should the vendor not adhere to the terms of the contract.


 We are dedicated to providing good quality antiques and collectibles and have  developed these guidelines as a means of meeting our shared goal of achieving a  high level of sales and customer interest.

1. Items of the flea market, garage sale, or knick-knack nature that have no collector interest, can be currently purchased at gift shops or department stores, or are currently manufactured as “collectors' items” are unsuitable for sale.  Reproductions MUST be plainly labled as such. No counterfeit, bootleg, or ’knock-off’ items allowed. 

2.  All merchandise is to be "booth/case ready." "Ready" is defined as items that are  clean and visually attractive. All primitives should be clean and free of wood boring insects.

3.  Any item that has a defect that would affect it’s value must be noted on the tag description. Either a specific description of the defect should be provided or the item should be marked "as is." Mechanical or electrical items that do not operate properly must be so noted. Modifications or alterations to furniture or other items should be noted on the tag description (the back of the tag may be used).

4.  While craft items are permitted, they may not make up more than 25% of a vendor’s  overall product mix.  Vendors that wish to decorate their booths with paint, wallpaper, etc. need to discuss this with management first.

5.  New/newer merchandise that is compatible with antique shops/malls such as price guides and/or books on antiques, hardware and/or replacement parts, or refinishing material(s) will be reviewed on a case-by-case acceptance by management.

6. Drug paraphernalia (i.e. water pipes, bongs, rolling papers, etc.), items containing alcohol, items containing flammable liquids, tobacco products, firearms  (including BB guns), ammunition, fireworks or explosives, large gas/electric powered appliances (stoves, washers, dryers, etc.), prescription drugs, food or consumables, clothing, pornographic materials, living animals or human body parts are NOT allowed. Taxidermy related items such as mounted animal heads, horns, bodies, or skins, turtle shells, etc. will be accepted on a case-by-case basis -- please check with The Missouri Department of Conservation for the legality of displaying/selling the  item(s) you have. Any fines levied for selling improper goods are the responsibility of  the vendor in question and Time Machine Antique Mall will not be held  accountable.  Nazi memorabilia and slavery items *may* be allowed if displayed in a low-key  fashion (no displayed open swastika flags, lynching photos, etc.) This is a very sensitive subject with many people and each instance will need to be evaluated by management. Open blade knives MUST have the blade covered with heavy tape or other material to avoid customers cutting themselves.

7. Fixtures or items used to display merchandise only may be tagged “NFS” (Not For  Sale) unless they too are for sale. Fixtures only used for dispaying smaller items may not exceed 5.5' in height. Fixtures or furniture taller than 5.5' in height may be used to display smaller merchandise providing they too are for sale and are fairly priced.

8. A 10% discount may be given to vendors (when they buy from other vendors) and also to customers that request it (if the selling vendors allows it). Mall policy is NO discount given on items priced $25 or less. Additional discounts will only be granted with a verbal/written permission from the vendor (we will call/text you). Each vendor may set their own discount policy within the mall guidelines. If  you do not want any discounts given, notify management and we will enter it into our database.

9.  Vendors are allowed to have sales for their items. Just let the front desk know if you will be having a sale. We need a minimum of 2 days notice in advance of a sale so that we may enter it into and update our POS system. If you are having a sale on just  a few items (rather than a fixed discount on everything), it’s strongly recommended you use the bright yellow SALE tags. It will draw  attention to the item and avoid any potential confusion for customers. No handmade ‘sale’ signs - use a computer to generate signs. We sometimes can provide you with signs (or templates that may be used) to be displayed but ultimately, you are responsible for your own signage.
The Mall will have store-wide sales throughout the year. Vendors will be notified well in advance of these sales and are strongly urged to participate in them.

10.Vendors are required to keep their area(s) clean, dusted and stocked a minimum of once a month in order to keep their area(s) looking fresh and interesting. Vendors supply their own cleaning supplies. We have a vacuum available for carpet care. If you choose to, we can clean, vacuum, and dust your space(s) monthly for a $25.00 fee. By reworking the items in your space your merchandise looks new and insures an attractive display. 

11. All electric extension cords must be in undamaged condition and must be a 3 wire commercial style - no 'lamp cord' type extension cards are allowed. Power strips must have surge protection (per the local fire marshal). If the item is plugged directly into the wall then there is no problem. No plugs around corners or over the top of walls/partitions are allowed per the local fire code. Light bulbs must be CFL or LED and 25 watts or less. Antique/vintage tavern lights and similar items where CFL's or LED's may not be available will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  No lit candles are allowed in the Mall.  No night lights (left on 24/7) are allowed. 

12. All items MUST have a paper price tag attached (with string ) with a clearly written PRINTED price (using the format of: ($00.00), your booth/case number, and a small description of the item (this is for your protection to help avoid ‘tag switching’). Using both sides of the tag is encouraged. Make your tag unique looking to discourage tag switching - Maybe use an odd color of ink (but bright and contrasting). Put your dealer number on both sides of  the tag. NEVER change the price without changing the entire tag. How do we know WHO changed the price at checkout? This is for your protection!  A clearly PRINTED tag is essential for you to receive correct credit. Adhesive backed tags are not allowed as Mall employees would have a difficult time removing them from sold merchandise. 
Here's an example of an barely acceptable tag: 
Strung tags are available at  the front counter for a nominal fee. Vendors that have locked display cases within their booths obviously must give the mall a key to have on hand to assist customers. Other small items may also be left with the Mall for security would be: keys (cabinets, safes, etc.) telephone mouth pieces, easily removed parts, small accessory pieces, etc. Please bag & tag these items clearly & separately and  put a ‘note tag’ on the display item so that the customer knows the extra parts/pieces are available and that Mall employees know to also give them to the buyer at  purchase  time.

13. All sales are considered final. Returns may be granted to customers in rare instances and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. An explanation will be provided to the vendor in question should a return occur.

14.  Vendors are expected to keep their merchandise within the boundaries of their  space(s).  Please avoid laying out throw rugs (tripping hazards), placing heavy or  delicate items on shelves above head-high, and items that have sharp pointed parts should have them covered and protected.  When making displays, think ‘worse case’ scenario and do what you can to prevent it. Safety is everyone's job!

15.  Dealers are welcome to come in anytime during business hours and set up and/or ‘work’ their spaces.  Please do not block any aisles or doorways as you work on your spaces.  All items removed from booths/cases must be inspected as they are taken out through a designated door.

16. Please do not expect mall employees to 'demo' or 'work' items in your booth(s). Showing customers how to operate a Victrola or spinning wheel, counting parts of a game or puzzle to verify completeness, etc. are time consuming tasks and we just don't have the time to dedicate to those. If the item has numerous parts, verify that all are there and note it on the sales tag. Also note what pieces/parts may be missing. If operating instructions are needed, print them out on a card and provide the customer with it so that they may verify the items operation prior to purchase.

17.  Any seller found to be stealing (either from another seller or from the mall) will forfeit all monies that may be due to them AND any merchandise they may have been brought into the mall. Police and/or legal involvement may also be taken.


1. For the security and protection of all vendors, a Time Machine Antique Mall employee must inspect vendor's boxes, packages, and any and all items being removed from the mall.  We have numerous video cameras installed throughout the building but unfortunately, theft is a part of the retail business. We will do what we can to protect your items but Time Machine Antique Mall cannot be responsible for any thefts of your items. 
The owners carry building liability insurance in the case of fire and accidents as well as individual insurance on the contents of the building equipment and personal inventory in the case of theft, fire or accidents. Each vendor should carry their own insurance for their protection against theft, fire and damage. Management cannot insure inventory that we do not own. The signed contract acts as a waiver in removing mall employees and mall ownership from any responsibility.
   Time Machine Antique Mall recommends that you have insurance as needed for your fixtures and merchandise on site. Time Machine Antique Mall has no obligation to nor will provide such coverage. Time Machine Antique Mall encourages every vendor to obtain sufficient insurance in the event of loss.

Time Machine Antique Mall reserves the right to remove any item at their discretion or those that they deem do not conform to these guidelines. Each vendor space will be inspected regularly by management. We reserve the right to revise, change and/or adjust any of these rules as necessary at our discretion. Any revisions/changes to this agreement will be sent to all current vendors via the email address they place on file with us.

Thank you for reading and agreeing to these rules.